LI-400 10 kHz - 10 MHz MIL-STD 461 50µH /25Amps

The LI-400 Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN) provides the necessary measurement platform for performing power line conducted emissions compliance testing as required by most worldwide standards for commercial products.

The LI-400 is compliant with MIL-STD 461. The LISN provides defined stable impedance and isolates the EUT from power source influences, thereby providing accurate and repeatable results. The LI-400 includes one pair of, separately housed, single-conductor networks, to be installed in series with each current-carrying conductor in a single- phase, dual-phase or DC power system. A second LI-400 pair can be used to accommodate 3-phase power systems (Wye or Delta configurations). The LI-400 is equipped with Superior Electric SUPERCON® shrouded sockets at the mains (power input) and EUT (power output) ports.

The matching color-coded plugs for connection to the mains and EUT wiring are included. This LISN uses air-core inductors to prevent saturation and permeability variation. The mounting plate of the LI-400 is left unpainted in order to facilitate connection to earth ground in its installation, which is essential due to high leakage current.

Use of a Transient Limiter for impedance matching, reduction of out-of-band emissions and transient protection for your measurement instrument is highly recommended and available from Com- Power. All Com-Power LISNs are individually calibrated in compliance with the relevant requirements of MIL-STD 461. Impedance and Insertion Loss data is supplied with each unit, along with the calibration certificate.


Product Name: Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN)
Specification: MIL-STD 461
Application: Power Line conducted emission tests
Frequency Range: 10KHz – 10 MHz
RF Connector: 50 Ohms N-type (female)
Current Rating: 25 Ampere AC, 17 Ampere DC
Voltage Rating: 270 VAC (Line to Ground), 380 VDC
Inductors: 50 microhenry (air-core)
Mains & EUT Connections: Superior Electric SUPERCON Shrouded sockets
Dimensions (each network): 13 × 7 × 7 inches / 33 × 17.7 × 17.7 cm
Weight (each network): 14 lbs / 6.3 kg