DSI-1550A TEMPEST Test System

The DSI-1550A TEMPEST Test Receiver is a PC based automated receiving system that permits precision measurements, test and analysis associated with surveillance. TEMPEST or EMI/EMC. The operation provides the user with manual and automatic receiver functions, and user friendly software that gives the user straight forward access to control sophisticated data reduction algorithms and displays. The standard DSI-1550A configuration,that Dynamic Sciences offers is an extensive library of software and hardware accessories that will allow tailoring of a system to specific applications.

Features Include:

Frequency Range: 20 Hz to 2 Ghz

Tuning: Keypad or signal knob

IF Bandwidths: 35 Bandwidths from 50Hz to 200MHz

Detection Modes: AM/FM/CW

Noise Figure: Less than 10dB (8dB typical in mid range)

Accessories and Related Components

Model Number Description
1150-10A Portable Antenna Kit Antenna Kit (Portable)
CG-1800 Comb Generator CG-1800
ELF Extra Low Frequency (20 Hz to 1KHz)
IG-1700 Impulse Generator Impulse Generator that provides programmable impulses for system calibration
LFE Low Frequency Extender (Extends Range to 100Hz)
R-110-40A Panoramic Display Unit Panoramic Display Unit for R110
R-1560 System Interface Unit R-1550 System Interface Unit
R-1580A Microwave Downconverter Microwave Downconverter 2 GHz to 22 GHz
RG-1000A Raster Generator RG-1000A
SSIU-1 Spread Spectrum Identification/Detection Unit Spread Spectrum Identification/Detection Unit


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