IG-1700 Impulse Generator

  • Our Model IG-1700 is a solid state RF impulse generator covering the frequency range of 11 Hz to 1 GHz. The IG-1700 may be used as a calibration source for the R-110B or other wide range receivers. This unit may also be integrated into the DSI-110, DSI-120, DSI-2020 and DSI-200 systems. It provides impulses at repetition rates and amplitudes selected by front panel controls or via the IEEE-488 bus.
  • The IG-1700 features an uncomplicated front panel with discrete LED displays to indicate the pulse repetition rate and the actual output amplitude in dBuV/MHz at 100 MHz. Provision is made for pulses to be triggered by an adjustable internal time base (manually, externally, or by the AC line). Pulse repetition rate and amplitude may also be programmed via the IEEE-488 interface bus. Calibration curve is supplied providing amplitude referenced to 100 MHz.


  • Inexpensive calibration source
  • Accurate calibration signals to 1 GHz
  • Useful frequency and amplitude calibration source
  • Pulse repetition rate single or repetitive, internal or external, or synchronized to the AC line
  • Fully programmable via the IEEE-488 bus
  • Lightweight/easy to handle


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