DSI-110 Automated Measurement System

The DSI-110 Automated Measurement System features exceptional RF measurement sensitivity and accuracy flexible signal collection, storage, retrieval and report preparation capabilities.


  • Manual receiver operation with automated data logging
  • Semi-automated receiver control via the 4U rack mount computer
  • Fully automatic control via user – created and “canned” sweeps and test setups
  • Automated Calibration
  • Analog controls for fine adjustments
  • Alpha numeric displays of frequency, attenuation, BW, Gain and DVM
  • High-resolution computer graphic displays with zoom and snapshot capabilities
  • Intuitive user interface and hot-keys for easier operation
  • Powerful integration capability with test equipment and laboratory instrumentation
  • Drivers supplied for printers
  • Graphs can be quickly integrated with text and tabulated data
  • Windows implementation provides access to spread-sheets, database, and other applications
  • Optional portable computers weigh only 18 pounds; 4-pound printer available

Accessories and Related Components

Model Number Description
CG-1800 Comb Generator CG-1800 Comb Generator
IG-1700 Impulse Generator Impulse Generator that provides programmable impulses for system calibration
LFE Low Frequency Extender (Extends Range to 100Hz)
PRE-110 Preselector
R-110-40A Panoramic Display Unit Panoramic Display Unit for R110
R-110-70 Narrowband Antenna Kit
R-1150-10A Portable Antenna Kit R-1150-10A Portable Antenna K
RG-1000A Raster Generator RG-1000A
RME Rack-Mount Ears
RSK Rack-Mount Slide Kit
SSIU-1 Spread Spectrum Identification Detection Unit SSIU-1


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